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The United States is part of our expansion and we arrived with all the energy to demonstrate, strengthen and promote business networks with Prime Time Business Network in the strategy of conquering the market.

With our purpose of making people's work simpler and more productive, our Chilean capital "Cotalker" is pleased to announce the start of its operations in Miami, Florida, United States.

Our arrival to Miami is part of the strategic expansion plan, whose experience will provide a solid base that will conquer the Latin American market in 2020.

Nicolás Durán, CEO fundador de Cotalker, celebró la llegada de la startup al mercado estadounidense.

"Without a doubt, the arrival of our company in Miami means that we have understood the needs of a market as demanding as the United States. Cotalker is one of the Chilean companies that has made visible the innovation at international level, generating a change of behavior in those decision makers who have the responsibility of carrying out the digital transformation processes of companies "

The operation in Miami will be in charge of Andrés Galmez, Sales Director USA of Cotalker, whose function will be to expand the client portfolio and generate new business in the territory.

"Having Prime Time Business Network as the first customer is a strategic milestone that we celebrate, because of the magnitude of the organization and because it will pave the way to other companies, which will allow us to strengthen our proposal and reach in the territory."

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