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Author: Bárbara Pezoa

Photo: La Tercera - Piensa Digital
A corporate digital communication channel, with functionality similar to WhatsApp, is the idea behind CoTalker, which with just over two years of existence, now seeks to grow in Latin America.

"Can you send me the file you sent about three Monday ago again?" "What did you specifically ask me at the last meeting?" Two scenes, two questions that will surely be recognizable to many, especially at the corporate level, and that served as inspiration for the CoTalker owners, who with their entrepreneurship promise to make those questions disappear or, failing that, decrease their frequency. How? With a corporate digital communication channel with functionality similar to whatsApp.

Nicolás Durán (in the photo), an entrepreneur with extensive technological knowledge and after several years of working in a software factory, decided to channel his efforts into one and having whatsApp as a digital communication model, we just needed to give him the corporate look, that together with their partners they achieved it by integrating a boot, which helped them give traceability, automate and make correlations, all with artificial intelligence.

“CoTalker is a software that helps companies to transform digitally and does so from their internal management perspective, understanding that the transformation goes to the end customers and inwards. We help companies to transform from the management of collaborators ”, explains Nicolás Durán, CEO of CoTalker. How do they materialize this? For example, in the case of banking or financial business, he says, executives can consult a robot for a particular document. If the boot does not know the answer, it will communicate with the expert who knows that information, in addition to saving the information to have it, in the event that in the future consult again for it.

According to the data handled by Nicolás Durán, a January study of this year indicated that 34% of Chilean companies have invested or will invest in internal communication actions and presence in social networks. Specifically, and in their eyes say, CoTalker, has a lot to grow.

Photo: La Tercera - Piensa Digital

The origin of the idea

After experiencing the work within the corporate world, Durán saw that the main problem there was communication between the different departments. This, coupled with the success of WhatsApp worldwide, led him to incorporate a platform similar to the number one messaging network in the world, based on a similar operation (conversation groups), adding corporate functionalities.

"Through chats, forms, metrics and bots, CoTalker allows direct communication, greater traceability to processes, and manage information in real time using a cloud," summarizes Nicolás Durán about his venture.

Commercially speaking, they work based on "Software as a Service", a software distribution model where the software and the data it manages are hosted on the servers of an ICT company (Information and Communication Technologies). Its clients, including BCI, Mutual Asesoría, CCU, SURA and Puerto Coronel, subscribe to CoTalker through monthly memberships.

With a little more than two years of existence, they currently have clients not only in Chile, but also have a presence in Argentina and Mexico. And the plans are to keep growing. This 2019 and 2020 seek to reach at least 25 customers.

Article Barbara Pezoa, published by the La Tercera - Piensa Digital.

Article link (Spanish only): https://www.latercera.com/laboratorio/noticia/plataforma-para-transformacion-digital-de-las-empresas/877637/

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