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Cotalker lets you keep track of everyone’s work, assign tasks automatically, capture knowledge, lookup data, visualize operations and optimize your workflows, all in one place.

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Forget paper forms and endless transcription

Cotalker replaces all your desktop-based input methods with smart and customizable forms, available in all platforms, even offline.

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Designed for humans

Cotalker’s easy to use interface requires no training before deploying. Intuitive controls let you navigate with ease and dive deep when required.

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Deliver insights in real time

Cotalker is the quickest way to get field information forth to your management team and instructions from management back to your workforce.

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We’re no ball hogs, we’re team players

Already have a resource planner? Connect Cotalker API to your existing workflow and take advantage of our easy to use interface and beautiful dashboards.

Multiple interfaces for different situations Personalized digital forms Tasks management and automation Multiple visualizations for tasks Navigate knowledge with natural language and tags Visualize your operations in real time Tailor workflows to your custom needs

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Workflow presets designed for you

We meticulously crafted a collection of workflow models based on the processes most used in every industry. Kickstart your company’s transformation with our ready to use presets or tailor them to your custom needs with our easy to use components.

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Company knowledge base

Capture your teams know-how and transform it into a company asset. Let team members access the knowledge they need to perform their job, anytime, anywhere.

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Help desk

Convert your customers' inquiries into an always up-to-date help center and distribute the questions load to your support team members efficiently.

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Sales pipeline

Manage your leads and customer relations in a collaborative and automated environment.

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Asset maintenance

Monitor, manage and automate your company’s maintenance plans and incident tickets, all from one place.

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Gathering information

Help your staff to collect data without complications in automated and easy-to-use forms.


Project management

Keep track of all the tasks going on in your projects and measure results in real time.


Supplies request

Automatically notify stakeholders who take decisions, simplify your requests workflow and speed up your operations.

A handy array of components to customize your workflows

Take full control of your business, digitalize, track and automate your workflows with our easy to use tools. Doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or modifying an existing configuration. You can attach new components and fine-tune every little detail to make your workflow match your real world operation.

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Chat bubbles


Formulary abstraction


Task list abstraction


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Digital brain

Artificial Intelligence

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Reminders and Nudges

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Message Broadcasting

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